It's a new world. For the safety of our staff, clients, and community, we have changed a few guidelines and procedures.


To combat Covid-19 we will be working in three phases.




November 23rd, 2019 - NOW

We will be only allowed to sell jewelry and complete check-ups. We are not able to downsize, upgrade or touch any piercings.



December 14th, 2020 - NOW


 Offering new piercing services 

No oral, nostrils, or anything under the mask, this includes switching jewelry under the mask

Phase 2.8


July 23 2021 -


Nostril Piercings

Septum Piercing

and upgrading/downsizing jewelry under the mask to anyone

Phase 2.9


September 11, 2021

Offering oral piercings such as lips, tongue, cheeks are offered (under the mask) to fully vaccinated people

Phase 3


Will be offering

all piercings again

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Fox Labyrinth will be working by appointment ONLY.

This includes jewelry sales, check-ups, downsize etc.'

We will continue to follow strict regulations, complete medical-grade cleaning, and sterilization processes and also monitor the CDC and state COVID-19 guidelines. Any changes or updates will be made accordingly.


This is nothing new but our studio is cleaned daily, and after every client, with disinfectants.
This includes the retail common areas and our piercing rooms. We have a hand sanitizer station available when you enter our studio.

Before coming in

We are providing appointments and waivers electronically. This allows

us to save paper, have contactless paperwork, and avoid double-booking.

Before your appointment, the system will send you our online waiver via email.

This is required for everyone that is entering our studio in order to keep your appointment.

Once you enter the studio, we do a temperature check with a contactless thermometer and we verify oxygen levels.

Anyone with a temperature over 100.4 or oxygen levels below 90 will not be allowed in the studio.


Due to COVID-19 the cost of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) our medical supplies, have gone up. Anyone coming to the studio will be charged a $10.00 fee due to the cost of PPE. This will be discounted if we provide a service such as piercing, jewelry sale, inserting jewelry, etc but does not include for jewelry cleaning.


Since we are working by appointment only and are limited on the number of clients we can see a day, we value our time as well as yours. When booking your appointment you will input your credit card information to hold the time slot. However, your credit card will not be charged at the time of booking.

You will be charged a $40.00 fee if you are a no-show, late to your appointment, have not filled out our waiver before your appointment, either reschedule or didn't cancel your appointment within 48 hours window. 

Please note - we have a 5 minute grace period if you are running late for your appointment.


Masks are required in the studio at all times. According to local and state COVID guidelines, your mask must stay on during your visit. Don’t worry, our piercers can work around your mask!​

Social distance

On days operating by appointment only for all services and is only allowing one person inside the studio at a time to ensure social distancing.

For minors, we are allowing only one parent inside the studio with them during their appointment.

NO groups are allowed into the studio during the appointment days.



For Walk-In Tuesday, we will be allowing only 4 people inside the studio. We have set areas inside the studio for social distance. Once we are at capacity we will ask to sign in with their name and name on our waiting list outside. Once a spot is available we will call the next person in the queue.* 

Client must be in premises and answer our phone call, if not we will go to the next person in the queue.*


Don't want to make an appointment but know what you need?

We also offer to pick up on days we work by appointment. All you need to do is call us or text us at 915.224.0652 and let us know what you need, we would be happy to help.


We ask you to please be on time to your appointment, we will allow a 5 minute grace period but if not you will be considered a "NO SHOW" and will be charged.

Once we have sent our online waiver via text please complete it before your appointment, if not you will be considered a No-Show and will be charged a "NO SHOW" fee.

Please come to your appointment alone, we will not be allowed a plus one unless it is a minor appointment. Only one legal guardian will be allowed with a minor.

Have all documents for your appointment. (Valid ID, Passport, Birth Certificate)

 More info on documents we need 

Wait in the car until you are called from our shop phone number (915) 224-0652 to be able to come into the studio for your appointment.

Face mask is required *Earloop mask * (No shirts over face, scarves, bandana please)

You won't be allowed to come into the studio

Please wait until we open the door for you and will to take your temperature and measure oxygen levels inside

We will have a designated area for your personal items to be placed. There will have a hand sanitizer station. We ask to be used before entering the piercing room. 

Simple things that will help us to minimize traffic and keeping germs at an all-time low.