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This service is by APPOINTMENT ONLY

Looking to get your child's ear pierced?


We are here to inform you

Most people are unaware of the many risks and dangers of using a piercing gun. Piercing guns cause pain, trauma, and permanent scarring. They are packaged to appear sterile and are often used by people who have no proper training, equipment, or facilities to provide a proper piercing or appropriate aftercare. The lack of any one of these important factors

may lead to a failed piercing, i.e. crooked or uneven placements. This is why, here at Fox Labyrinth, we pierce only with single-use, sterile needles.  We are also professionally trained to pierce and give appropriate aftercare.

First steps 

Before making an appointment, make sure to read our ID Requirements and our Operation Policies. Once you have read and understood our requirements, go to the minor section, and Kids Ear Piercing with age group. The appointments are a 40 minutes session that includes consulting, picking jewelry, aftercare, and performing the piercing. If you are planning piercings for multiple children to get their ears pierced, each child needs an appointment. We will contact you a few days before your appointment with our online waiver and if you have any questions before coming in don't hesitate to reach out.


We are here to help

  We care about safety and making the best experience possible for you and your child. Once you are in the studio, we will be having a consultation discussing our producer which includes meeting the staff, a quick tour of the piercing room, a walkthrough of the procedure, and picking out jewelry. If the piercer feels the child is not ready for the responsibility of the piercing or if the child looks distraught, the piercer may decline to perform the procedure. Likewise, if the piercer feels it is not in the child’s best interest to continue once started, we may stop and suggest that the child come back at a later date. These decisions are made with the child’s safety in mind, so we ask that the accompanying parent respect our decision.

Is it possible to pierce both ears at the same time?

  We can! We do have availability with two piercers' pierce tandem earlobes. This option is only available for ages 4 and older.

Before you book the appointment please give us a call to make sure the day you are requesting we have two (2) piercers scheduled. The availability for this option is limited. 

Please don't hesitate to call or text us at 915.224.0652 

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