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Curate your Curiosity

At Fox Labyrinth the possibilities are endless and the sky is the limit when

mapping out your future ear piercings. Trust us when we say that we love

nothing more than sitting with our clients’ discussing their style, mapping

out their future bling, and reviewing what piercings are best for their

anatomy and lifestyle.

With Instagram and Pinterest always at our fingertips, it’s never been easier

to become swept away by beautiful unique ear piercings you never knew

existed. While Pinterest / Instagram pieces are always beautiful they aren’t for

everyone. You’ll need a licensed professional in your corner to show you the


How We’re Different

We encourage all our clients to come with photos and ideas so we can get a

clear picture of what they are looking for. However, before we pierce any

client we always ensure that their unique anatomy can support their desired

piercing. We don’t just stop there, we will also ask you questions about your

physical activity and travel schedule before we agree to poke to you. We want

to ensure that your body can not only support your new piercing but also that

it will heal correctly.

What We’ve Done

A forward helix is not for everyone, literally, not everyone has the anatomy to

support this type of piercing, luckily this client did. Peep this Conch and

forward helix with Rose gold Hoop from Freyga and a White Gold Lightning

Bolt from BVLA in outer Helix. If you ask us the White Gold Lightening piece is

our favorite

Up next is this gorgeous tragus, again, not everyone has the anatomy to get

their tragus pierced. However, that’s the beauty of having us map out your

ear, we can suggest alternatives that are just as rad.

The client pictured below opted for this Tragus with White Gold Sabrina end

with 2mm Black Opal from Anatometal. The outer helix piercings are

Titanium White Opal and Peacock Opal from Neometal. This subtle yet

colorful curation is a great option for anyone looking to add some subtle


It’s rumored that a daith piercing will keep your migraines at bay, while the

results differ from person to person the medical community cannot support

these claims. However, if a daith is something you’re interested in for the

“medical benefits” or simply to add some bling when your hair is pulled back

we got you.

You’ll need your sunglasses to check out this Daith with Odyssey Clicker with

CZ from Industrial Strength, Forward Helix with a yellow gold lighting bolt

Anatometal, Outer helix with Cluster from Anatometal, and Tragus with

Lavender Opal from Neometal.

How to Get Started

This part is easy, come on down to the shop at 3616 McRae Blvd #5, El Paso,

TX 79925 and let one of our people help you bring to life something as unique

as you.

Feeling shy? No problem. You can also DM us on the gram and we would be

happy to answer your questions as best as we can.

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