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Things to Do Before Getting Pierced

Hello all, and welcome to Fox Labyrinth Piercing Studio’s first-ever blog post! We’ve been eager to introduce something like this for a long while now and we’re so excited to get to talk a little bit more in-depth about different topics in the piercing industry. Before we get started, we just wanted to tell all our clients and supporters the biggest thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Because of you guys we are able to introduce these new features to our shop, so thank you so much for your support. It really means the world to us. Now, enough babbling, let’s get into the blog!

We know that most people reading this have been pierced at least once so they have some idea of what to expect when getting pierced, and we know that there are tons of blog posts, articles, and YouTube videos that talk about what getting pierced was like, but one thing that we haven’t seen discussed very often are the things that you can do to prepare yourself before getting pierced. So here we are with our top list of things you can (and should) do before getting a new piercing! Whether you are pierced from head to toe or are just now starting your journey into piercing, these tips and tricks are useful for everyone looking for a sparkly new addition to their body.


There is no doubt that piercing can be a very unnerving experience, even for those of us who have many. Part of the reason why piercing can be so scary is because of the unknown- if you’ve never been into a piercing studio, you don’t know what type of experience to expect; if you’ve never gotten a certain area pierced before, you don’t know how much it’s gonna hurt.

One thing that can help ease the piercing jitters is by doing research! The first thing you’re gonna want to do is research the piercing shops in your area. Are they standalone shops, or are they located within tattoo studios? If they’re inside the tattoo studios, what is the name of the piercer you are asking for? If you have the time, we highly recommend stopping by in person to take a look at the shops and get to know the piercers. Something very important you should ask to see when you go is their license – you want to make sure you’re going to somebody certified by the state, who follows proper legislature for piercing. Going to an unlicensed piercer can often mean risking your health and safety, so be on the safe side and make sure the person you go to is legally authorized to pierce. If you’re a minor and you’re thinking about getting a piercing, you definitely want to get into contact with the different studios in your area. Certain piercers may or may not pierce minors,so it's always good to ask around and see what shops in your area will pierce those under 18. You should also ask about the documents they require in order to pierce minors. Our shop specifically asks for an original birth certificate, a state or government issued ID for the minor, and a state or government issued ID for the parent or legal guardian accompanying the minor. Every shop is different though, so it is handy to ask and see what is needed before going in.


The next thing you should do is ask about pricing. Different shops have their own method of pricing – some shops have set prices for specific piercings + jewelry, while other shops have a set “piercing service” price with the jewelry fee tacked on based on what you pick. Shops that have these methods for pricing generally have a huge variety of different jewelry options, ranging from basic ball and disk ends to solid gold and genuine gemstone clusters so prices can vary heavily depending on what you pick out. If you stop by the studio with the intention of getting information, you should look at some jewelry you are interested in and ask how much it would be to get pierced with it. That way when you’re ready to get your piercing, you know how much it will be. Also, consider asking whether or not they accept card payment! Certain studios may be cash-only, so it's always helpful to know if you need to take out cash before going in.

Don’t Watch Bad Piercing Videos

I think most if not all of us are guilty of watching videos of people getting various body parts pierced. By watching piercer's technique and the person’s reaction to the pain, it’s a way for somebody to try and anticipate what to expect when they’re getting pierced. While it may generally help people to watch these videos, the fact of the matter is that not all piercings are done properly. Many videos that circulate the internet are done with poor quality jewelry or with improper techniques that ultimately can affect the health and longevity of the piercing. Our advice? Just don’t watch the videos. It may be a scary experience, but sometimes seeing how other people pierce (and the effects of it) can be even scarier than actually getting it pierced yourself. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to ask about it! A good piercer will always appreciate their client’s questions and will answer them as fully and honestly as possible.

Keep an Open Mind

One of the most amazing and beautiful things about the human body is how unique everybody’s anatomy is from each other. All body parts come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, which is part of what makes the world so incredibly diverse! Sometimes, though, when it comes to certain piercings, only a very specific type of anatomy is suited for them. Some examples of piercings that require a specific anatomy are industrials, daiths, rooks, and traguses – and those are just on the ear! While you may have your heart set on a beautifully upgraded industrial or a simple and sweet philtrum piercing, sometimes it is just not meant to be. That doesn’t mean that you can’t get it at all, though! For certain piercings, there are alternative options that give you a similar look and style to the original but is more suited for your specific anatomy. Even if you can’t do a similar alternative, there are dozens of other piercings that you can be a candidate for, so don’t hesitate to go down to your local piercing shop and ask what is best suited for your anatomy.


Oftentimes, the combination of nerves and the adrenaline rush while getting pierced can lead to a multitude of negative reactions, which includes the potential of one to faint. For that reason, it is our shop’s number one rule to eat something right before coming into the studio to get pierced. We know that most people have made plans to go and eat afterwards, or have been munching on snacks all day, but we find that people tend to do best having eaten right before coming in. You want to have something a little on the heavier side; burgers, sandwiches, tacos, anything like that is fine, so long as you eat right before going in. While many shops may not necessarily make it a requirement to get pierced, the fact of the matter is that piercing can be really unnerving, and if you are scared that you may find yourself passing out or just feeling generally gross afterwards, its best to stay on the safe side and eat right before going in.

Visit the Shop for Information

Alright, so we have mentioned this all throughout this post, but it is probably the most sound

advice we could give to someone who wants to get pierced: go and visit your piercer with the

intention of getting information, not just getting a piercing on the same day. There is so, so, SO much that goes into piercing that can’t be addressed in just one blog post, but they can be brought up by going to visit your local piercer before anything and asking questions. Ask them about your anatomy and which piercings are best suited for it, ask about healing times, ask about the metals they use and the jewelry options they offer. Ask about their policies; what ages do they pierce, what are their required documentations, do they take walk-ins or are they by appointment only? The best way to have all your questions addressed is to just visit them in person and ask. Speaking as a counter person for our studio, I absolutely love it when people who are a bit hesitant at first come in ONLY to get information about the piercing they want, the studio and the members of our shop. It gives us the chance to talk in depth about all the things that goes into getting a piercing, as well as create a bond with those potential clients. Later on, when I see those same people come back again to get a piercing, it puts a smile on my face knowing that they were as well-informed as they could be!

Whoo, that was quite a lot, but honestly there is so much more that could be talked about. As

time goes on we will definitely talk more about a variety of piercing-related topics, but we

thought this would be the best starting topic. Thank you for giving this a read, and once again thank you to all our clients, friends, families, and general supporters out there! Without you, none of this would be possible. In the meantime, keep an eye out for our future articles.

Goodbye, and happy healing! -Mia

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