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We are working by appointments and walk-ins!
We're excited to see you!  If this is your first time visiting please take a second to read this.


coming in


1. Make sure you have read our Operations Policies 

2. Also, you have read our ID requirements in order to provide service

3. Each time you come in we will need a new waiver



1. Appointment have piority vs walk-ins, if you want more of a one on one experince we recommend to book an appointment.

2. Be on time for your appointment, if you are late you will possible have to wait if there is a walk in.

3. Make sure you bring ALL documents needed with you to your appointment.

4. When you have arrive for your appointment, come in, notify the staff member

who you are in order to confirm appointment 

You can always text us at 915.224.0652 when you arrive


are available

You aren't interested in making an appoinment?

No worries, you are welcome to call us or come in to see our availability. 

Walk-ins there's a possiblity there is a waiting time.

We do prioritize appointments, there might be days with no walk-in availability based on our schedule.

For more information on Walk-Ins

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