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It's a new world. For the safety of our staff, clients, and community, we have changed a few guidelines and procedures,

more details are below.



Fox Labyrinth is working by appointment for all current services and is offering walk-ins on Tuesdays

with limited services.

Appointments include jewelry sales, check-ups, downsize etc.'


Outside jewelry

We do not pierce with or install outside jewelry that is not internally threaded or implant grade by APP Standard. This is to ensure the quality and material. Client health and safety is our top priority, and if we are unable to confidently confirm specific material and manufacturing criteria, we do not consider the risks worth it. We are very conscientious about the jewelry we sell, pierce with and upgrade with.

Returns or Exchange

Per Health Board regulations, and general hygiene, we cannot accept returns or offer exchanges once the jewelry has left the studio.

Buying jewelry for someone

Buying jewelry as a gift is tricky as most jewelry needs to be custom-fitted. We offer gift certificates for purchase to guarantee the recipient gets appropriately fitting jewelry. Buy eGift Certificate


Jewelry prices vary on many things such as material, size, and stones. We are happy to give you estimates through phone, text, email, or DM's since our prices vary. 


*Piercing service fees are separate from jewelry costs*


We do NOT sell costume jewelry.





All services will need an appointment including jewelry sales, jewelry browsing, piercing services,  check-ups, etc.

Confirmation Email

If you do not receive a confirmation email, your appointment did not go through and you do not have a valid appointment. Please be sure to read your confirmation email carefully.

One Appointment=One Person

One person per appointment. Due to scheduling limitations, we often can’t honor appointments that have been booked for multiple people in a single appointment slot, so be sure to book separate back-to-back appointments instead.


All documents are needed DURING appointment even when they have been submitted on our online waiver. Failure to come prepared with a proper documents will result in a $40 cancellation fee.

For More Info


Booking an appointment can only be made through here. The system will let you know our soonest availability. If you do not see any availability, the dates are either fully booked or not yet open for booking, so check back later. Cannot be made through phone or email.

Online Waiver

In your confirmation email, there is a link to our waiver. We will need this filled out

completely by 12PM TWO days before your appointment in order to see you. If there is an issue please call us!

A new waiver is needed for every appointment.

Be on time

Please show up on time for your appointment, not too early or late. On our appointment-based days, please be considerate, it is likely that others are booked before and after you. 

Social Distance

Come alone to your appointment.

Only allowing person with appointment inside the studio.

For minors, we are allowing only one legal parent/guardian inside the studio for their appointment.

Face Mask

Masks are optional in the studio.


If you do wear one, don’t worry, our piercers can work around your mask!​

We do not provide face masks.

Being Late

Late arrivals of more than 5 minutes may result in the loss of your appointment and you will be charged $40 cancellation fee. This is non-refundable. 

The appointment system will send you reminders. If you have already filled

out our waiver please do not

make a new one.




We’re unable to reschedule appointments via phone or email, to reschedule please go to your confirmation email and set up a new appointment at a time or date that works better for you.

$40 Fee

The $40 cancellation fee applies to each service booked if the waiver is not submited with proper documents before the appointment, is late, not having documents needed, or do not show up for your appointment.  This fee is nonrefundable, and there will be no exceptions.

How to cancel appointment 

If you need to cancel your appointment, you can do so on your email confirmation. We can't cancel your appointment by phone or email. 

Card Information

When booking your appointment you will input your credit card information to hold the time slot. However, your credit card will not be charged at the time of booking. 

48hrs Notice

Failure to cancel your appointment within 48hrs will result to a $40 cancelation fee. 


Waiver Submission 

Failure to submit, completed with proper documentation onto waiver by 12PM TWO days  before appointment will result in a $40 cancelation fee and is non-refundable.



Walk-ins Tuesdays



No appointments is needed on Tuesday's but we do not offer these services:

  • Kids Ear Piercing 12 and under

  • Surface or Anchors piercings

  • Genital piercings (Below the belt)

These services do need an appointment


There might be a wait time when you stop by, we ask for you to be patient with us.

We provide the most engaged and personalized experience.

If you do not want to wait please make an appointment.

Minors (13-17Years Old)

We do perform piercings on minors. We will need 3 documents in order to be able to provide a piercing. if not we can not pierce the minor. 

More Info On Minor Requirements


Walk-ins are first-come, first-served.

We do close at 2PM-3PM for lunch.

The latest we accept clients is 6 PM, assuming there is no wait at that time.

Face Mask

Masks are optional if you choose to use one.


Don’t worry, our piercers can work around your mask!​

We do not provide face masks.

Social Distance

Only 4 people that are getting services will be allowed inside the studio at all times. Once we are at capacity we will ask you to sign in on our waiting list.

When availability is available we will call the next person in queue.* 

Client must be in premises and answer our phone call, if not we will go to the next person in the queue.*


You must be 18 years or older with a valid government-issued ID (no school ID's). This could include a state-issued ID card, driver's license, or passport. 


For More Info

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