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Getting ready for a Wedding

Congratulations, you’re getting married!

There is so much to execute before your big day, the outfit, venue, music, food, and guest list. If you’re like us, you’ll want to start with the fun stuff, like what jewelry you’ll be wearing. You’re going to want something that goes beyond your standard cufflinks and rings, you want something that emphasizes you on your special day.

Depending on who you are and the vibe of your wedding we have unique options that will fit a variety of budgets and styles to ensure that the attention is on you. As always Fox Labyrinth has got your back to help you make the tough decisions, our team of badass individuals is happy to work with you on any custom pieces and special orders.

Traditional Vibes

If you have been picturing this day since you were 5 years old, chances are you have a very clear vision of what you want to look like on your wedding day. If you have pictured yourself being a perfect mix between eclectic and natural then perhaps some Maya Kavadi Yellow Gold plated earrings might be an option for you. The statement pieces pictured below on one of our beautiful Fox Labyrinth brides gives a touch of class, feels luxe, and still adds that element of uniqueness that some brides crave.

Eclectic Electric

If you don’t already have your daith pierced and your day is near we recommend waiting until after your nuptials to make it happen to allow for your piercing to heal properly. Good news for those of you that have a healed daith, you’re ready to take your jewelry to the next level. We suggest setting off your wedding day fit with an Industrial Strength Clicker Odyssey with CZ ends pictured below on one of our gorgeous Fox Labyrinth brides. It will add the perfect amount of sparkle and bling to your day. This option is especially cute if you’re wearing your hair pulled back for the ceremonies, and will photograph perfectly.


Looking for something with a little extra punch? Whether you’re looking for something like turquoise and brass ear weights, hand-carved wood hangers, a 14k diamond cuff, or fiery red opals to adorn your ears and face, Fox Labyrinth has got you covered. We always take custom orders and we’ll even help you choose the best options for you. All we ask is that you give us ample time to secure your items and a small deposit to ensure that your pieces are ready for your special day. Did we mention that we have layaway?

Our lovely staff

If you’re interested in chatting with us to discuss your aesthetic and payment options don’t hesitate to stop into 3616 McRate Suite 5 without an appointment. Fox Labyrinth is committed to our clientele and will always be a safe space that welcomes everyone.


Written by Eileen Lozano

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